Taste Test: Like Air Pancake Puffcorn

See what our staff thought of the new sweet and savory snack.

Launched in 2020, Like Air is a family-owned brand that wants to reinvent snacking.

Their first target is popcorn. 

Like Air's baked puffcorn promises melt-in-your-mouth texture without the hulls that stick in your gums or kernels that break your teeth. 

The company sent Food Manufacturing's Taste Test series a bag of it's most popular flavor, pancake, to see how it stood up to the popped classic and short stack inspiration. 

Overall, the team found Like Air's pancake puffcorn sweet, savory and quite poppable. 

Most of us, anyways. 

The puffcorn is made with simple ingredients in a nut-free facility and distributed by Lulu Snacks out of New York. 

In December, Like Air announced an exclusive national retail release of Pancake Puffcorn at Sam’s Club locations nationwide, with additional flavors coming to the outlet in early 2022.

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