Taste Test: Grey Poupon Wine

It's a white wine infused with mustard seeds.

Grey Poupon is in the wine business following the launch of La Moutarde Vin, a white wine infused with mustard seeds.

While most mustards are made up of vinegar, Grey Poupon’s recipe calls for white wine.

La Moutarde Vin is a celebration of the white wine used to create the classic Dijon. 

The wine is manufactured and distributed by The Wine Foundry on behalf of Kraft Heinz and Grey Poupon.

The team held multiple tastings to fine-tune the recipe they hope to be as iconic as its mustard.

The limited production run yielded 1,100 bottles that quickly sold out. 

However, Food Manufacturing's editors scored one of the last available bottles for its Taste Test series ... and it was a winner .

The Viongier was dry, but crisp. It wasn’t too fruity, but refreshing and reminiscent of a high quality chardonnay. 

The only problem was finding a second bottle. 

The wine retailed for $30, but included an 8 oz. jar of Grey Poupon mustard.

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