Taste Test: Unique Snacks' Pretzels

They were made in the pretzel capital of the world.

Unique Snacks is a sixth-generation, family run business based in Reading, Pennsylvania, the pretzel capital of the world.

Unique Snacks is known for making pretzels, dips and other snacks that are healthier and more flavorful.

Unique sent Food Manufacturing's Taste Test series an embarrassment of pretzel and dip riches to sample. 

The team was delighted to oblige. 

The sourdough rings and extra salt pretzels were early favorites. 

And the pretzel shells were a light, though fragile, surprise. 

The horseradish and honey mustard dips enhanced the flavor palate. 

Not a lot of love for the unsalted pretzels, but the extra dark splits proved to be a dark horse favorite. 

Unique’s snacks are made from secret family recipes and slow-baked. 

Keep those recipes under lock and key, as these pretzels are second to none. 

The company has more than 85 employees and celebrated its 100th anniversary in February 2021. 

Here's to many more.

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