Taste Test: Nerd Focus

Reviews were mixed for the fast-growing nootropics "think drink."

In 2006, a University of Texas at Austin student sought a different kind of edge while applying to medical schools. With the help of his professors, formulated his own “think” nootropics drink: NERD Focus.

He began selling it outside his campus apartment and expanded to campuses throughout the state. By 2010, NERD had grown to sell in more than 2,000 locations and had almost $1 million in annual sales.

A decade later, NERD was acquired by Beverage USA Holdings, which plans to grow the brand to $7 million to $10 million in annual revenue by 2022, and it continues to gain distribution.

The folks at NERD offered Food Manufacturing a sample case of both its original and zero-calorie products.

Both feature natural ingredients as an alternative to highly caffeinated energy drinks and other potentially dangerous substances used to increase mental stamina and focus.

NERD’s website states the brand is now available at over 800 retailers throughout the U.S.

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