Taste Test: Nestle’s Nut Butter Bombs

See what our crew thought about the "pick-me-up" snack.

Nestle debuted Rallies Nut Butter Bombs as a chilled snack for an afternoon pick-me-up.

The product comes three bombs to a pack and contains chocolate-covered peanut, almond and cashew nut butters.

The company sent samples to Food Manufacturing's Taste Test series so our editors could see if life is better with nut butter. 

It is. 

We sampled the Brownie Almond Butter flavor with dark chocolate, almond butter and almond pieces in a milk chocolate shell. 

The nut butter is good, but the treat lacked in nut bits. 

We also sampled Salted Cashew Butter with cashew butter covered in dark chocolate.

It was met with near-universal approval. 

Nestle created the candy to be a lower-sugar, grab-and-go option for consumers to treat themselves. 

While we’re not sure about the pick-me-up, the nut butter bombs are a dish best served cold.

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