Batch Mixer Handles Dry Solids and Liquids


Munson (Utica, NY) offers their 700-TH-140-SS Rotary Batch Mixer with features that include:

  • Integral spray lines that allow for uniform distribution of liquid additions to dry bulk solids in trace amounts to large volumes in one to three minutes.
  • Proprietary mixing flights of the rotating drum tumble, turn, cut and fold material, providing free space between particles, which recombine 288 times per minute. 
  • Equipped with a sliding intake chute which, together with twin doors on opposite sides of the mixing vessel, provide rapid access to the entire interior, intake spout and seal area for cleaning, sanitizing and visual inspection of all material contact surfaces.
  • In addition to blending, the flights direct material towards and through a stationary, pneumatically-actuated plug gate valve for total discharge, eliminating residual.
  • Constructed of stainless steel finished to sanitary standards, the mixer has a useable batch capacity of 140 cubic ft. and total capacity of 271 cubic ft.