Newly Designed Pull Test Kit

Bunting Sized

Bunting Magnetics Co. (Newton, KS) is introducing its newly designed pull test kit. All industries should utilize a pull test on their magnetic separators, but it is required for food safety and quality in every facility that transports, processes or packages food. Features of the updated kit include:

  • A much-improved polarity indicator, which allows users to verify the pole configuration of the separation equipment. Another useful feature of the indicator shows the user how far the magnetic field actually extends beyond the surface of the magnet, which helps determine spacing between cartridges for a given application.
  • A digital scale (on the optional version) which comes with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) calibration check certificate. This complies with the metrology requirement of International Organization for Standardization and other quality and safety programs. The scale can be sent in for annual check-up, calibration and NIST certificate renewal.

Bunting continues to offer its standard pull test kit with a standard scale. According to Bunting, maintenance departments should always have one to periodically inspect and test the effectiveness of their magnetic separators.; 800-835-2526