MGA Entertainment Recalls Miniverse Make It Mini Sets

The product is in violation of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act.

Consumer Product Safety Commission
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The recalled Make It Mini sets contain resins that, when liquid, can cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritation or sensitization when inhaled, touched, or ingested by children or adults. The resins contain acrylates (hydroxyethylmethacrylate “HEMA” and isobornyl acrylate “IBOA”) in amounts prohibited in children’s products by the Federal Hazardous Substances Act. After the resins cure, they no longer present this hazard.

Most sets consist of a sphere which contains the materials required to assemble the intended miniature imitation “appliance,” “food,” or “lifestyle” items. The resin packaging in each set may imitate food items such as a peanut butter jar, maple syrup, milk container, etc. and the resins when hardened imitate food. The sphere consists of a disposable wrapper bearing “MGA’s Miniverse” on a yellow burst background and “Make It Appliances,” or “Make It Mini Food,” in bright pink or “Make It Mini Lifestyle” in salmon pink. The wrapper contains information related to the manufacturer’s identity and country-specific information in different languages. The sets packaged in spheres could also be sold as bundles with multiple units. The “Kitchen”, “Multipack”, “All You Can Eat”, “Ice Cream Social”, and “Pizza Party” sets come in dedicated boxes with similar labeling without spheres. The item number and the UPC code are printed on the back side of the wrapper.

Consumers should immediately stop using any units with unused resins and contact MGA to receive a pre-paid label to return either: (a) the entire product, including the unused resin, if the product has not been opened, or (b) the unused resins and a photograph of the product if the product has been opened. Consumers will receive a full refund or replacement product, at the consumer’s choice.

MGA has received 26 reports of incidents with this product from children and adults including reports of skin burns and irritation, and respiratory irritation, with one report that a consumer’s asthma was triggered.

About 21 Million units have been recalled.

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