Ireland Supplier Recalls 33 Batches of Cheese Products

A single piece of equipment in Cahill's Farm Cheese's facility was identified as the potential source of Listeria.

Cahill’s Ireland Original Irish Porter 2

Cahill’s Farm Cheese, Ireland is recalling a number of batches of specialty cheddar cheese due to possible presence of Listeria 

There are 33 Batches involved numbered consecutively from 21109 to 21141.


The batch code can be found both on the outer case label and on the back of pack label.

No Illnesses have been reported to Cahills to date.

Cahill’s Farm Cheese has been in operation over 40 years and works to the highest food production standards. We would like to reassure our customers that once the low-level result was detected, we immediately sought to identify the source of the problem and have implemented all corrective measures.

Routine testing picked up positives of Listeria Monocytogenes. Our investigation identified a single piece of equipment in our facility as the potential source of this issue and the equipment was immediately removed from our production line. All our products manufactured since have tested fully clear.

Chill’s Ireland Original Irish Whiskey 3

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