Inspection System Offers Dual Lasers

The side-by-side laser beams can be installed over an existing conveyor line in scanning for proper seals.

Sic 2 D X2 Dual Inspection Profiling System

Silgan Equipment offers their 2D-X2 Inspection System with features that include:

  • Dual lasers to scan the surface of the cap on a packaged beverage or food product to determine proper sealing. The side-by-side laser beams scan the top surface of each cap to immediately detect cap tilt and overall cap height. When the lasers detect an uneven cap height, the cap is cocked; when they detect a non-standard package height, the cap is either low (not present) or is high (not completely seated).
  • Can be installed over an existing conveyor line.
  • The lasers are mounted in a protective housing rated NEMA 4X, that is resistant to washdowns and harsh processing conditions.
  • As filled and capped containers pass, the lasers scan the surface of each cap to identify rejects for removal downstream.
  • A full-color HMI touchscreen.
  • PackML-compliant system software stores and recalls job files for quick changeover, displays inspection results and generates production statistics.