Fireball Maker Announces $4M Expansion

The cinnamon-flavored whiskey brand also reached a key sales benchmark earlier this year.


Boston Brands, which bottles Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, has announced plans to invest $4 million for the expansion of its production facility in Lewison, Maine. The upgrades to existing manufacturing lines and equipment is projected to increase production by 20 percent and create 50 manufacturing jobs. Boston Brands, which is a subsidiary of Sazerac Company in Metairie, Louisiana, currently employs 169 people at the plant.

This announcement comes after a 2017 investment of $1 million that created 30 jobs. Sazerac moved into the Lewiston plant in 2013. 

In January Boston Brands made headlines when Fireball beat sales of Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy, which was Maine’s best-selling liquor for about 15 years. More than $10.1 million worth of Fireball was sold in Maine in 2018, including $4 million worth of small, 50-milliliter bottles.