Settlement Reached in Hardees Hepatitis Case

Over 2,000 vaccinations were provided after local officials learned of the outbreak.


(PRNewswire)  A settlement of $246,000 has been reached in a class action lawsuit against a Hardee's Restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of those potentially exposed to Hepatitis A while at the restaurant between June 13 and June 23, 2018. Over 2,000 free vaccinations were reportedly provided after local officials learned of the potential outbreak.

Those qualifying members of the suit, which is estimated at 4,000 people, must submit a claim form to receive settlement money. A detailed notice of settlement and claim form will be sent by United States Postal Service to each class member. 

The hepatitis was linked to a worker whom Hardee's previously contended had limited contact with food. There have been 18 confirmed hepatitis cases stemming from the restaurant.