Sweden's Museum of Disgusting Food

Tickets to the museum actually double as barf bags.

Disgusted Man

 A new attraction in Swede that has been appropriately dubbed Disgusting Food Museum, has a rather unique goal. It looks to educate visitors on the world’s 80 grossest foods, with their collection including:

  • Fermented, Icelandic shark meat.
  • A cheese made from the milk-filled stomach of a baby goat.
  • Cooked guinea pig.
  • Fruit bat.
  • Bull penis.
  • The horrible-smelling Durian fruit.
  • Mouse wine.
  • Jello salad.
  • Oddly enough, the U.S. is represented by Twinkies and root beer.

The museum is the product of Samuel West, a psychologist who previously created the Museum of Failure. His goal is to help people explore the cultural subjectivity of food and challenge people's concepts of what is or is not "good" food.That said, tickets to the museum actually double as barf bags.

When evaluating a foods’ gross factor, museum staff considered not only taste, smell and texture, but also if animals were ill-treated during the making of the food product.