Printing System Focused on Food Cartons

Squid Ink

Squid Ink Manufacturing (Brooklyn Park, MN) recently unveiled its CoPilot Flex Inkjet Printing System for producing hi-resolution characters, text, real-time information, scannable bar codes, and logos on pulp, foam, or PET egg cartons at 135 ft./min. Additional features include:

  • A compact design for mounting in nearly every zone of an egg packing process.
  • A small printhead designed to match the slope of the egg carton and capable of inverting the user’s message, meaning it can print on the end of the carton in the open or closed carton zone.
  • A 200 ml snap-in ink cartridge for quicker changeovers.
  • A 4.3” full-color touchscreen.
  • Can run either oil or solvent-based inks to print up to 0.7”.
  • Utilizes a specially formulated ink for the egg industry.