CIP, Can-Filling Equipment Tailored to Craft Brewers

Both machines focus on simplified installation and use.


KHS USA (Denver, CO) offers their Innopro Craft CIP model for rinsing and cleaning its can, bottle or keg fillers. Features include an automatic recipe setting option, the ability to provide 230 liters of caustic media/minute to sanitize system piping, and fillers with a maximum of 60 valves. An automatic CIP media heating system is also provided. The Innofill Can C can filler offers 27 filling valves and six seaming stations for the production of formats holding between 150 milliliters and one liter. The machine can be used for both beer and carbonated beverages. The filling and seaming stations, valve manifold, cladding and control cabinet form an enclosed, ready-to-produce machine unit, simplifying installation.