Conveyor Belt Lubricant Improves Line Efficiency


Kluber Lubrication (Londonderry, NH) has unveiled their Kluberplus C2 PM2 Ultra Dry, a plastic conveyor belt lubricant for the food-processing industry. According to the company:

  • The lubricant can increase packaging line efficiency by 1-5 percent.
  • Its superlubricity increases line speed without risking belt stability. This low coefficient of friction means that fewer bottles, cans and containers topple.
  • The homogeneous nature of its composition creates a solution that does not separate. This prevents conveyor belt residue and reduces nozzle blockage.
  • The dripless dry formulation supports plant safety by ensuring that work surfaces don’t get wet and slippery. Less residue build-up and an embedded cleaning agent also reduces the risk of bacteria growth and the need for cleaning.