Heavy-Duty Inspection/Rejection System


Teledyne TapTone (North Falmouth, MA) has unveiled their new Heavy Duty Ram Rejector that can reject up to 2,000 containers per minute. Additional features include:

  • Fixed stroke lengths of 3”, 1” or 1/2”.
  • Requires only a standard air supply and comes with a filter/regulator.
  • An oil-free cylinder design with a NEMA 4X IP65 environmental rating. 
  • Designed for tight production spaces and high-pressure washdown.
  • Conveyor or floor-mountable.
  • A heavy-duty base plate and cover that reduces vibration with additional soundproofing for quieter operation.
  • A non-rotating cylinder for longer life and increased cycle counts, without the need for lubrication.

 www.taptone.com; www.teledyne.com