How Inecta Has Positioned Itself as a Leader in The Food ERP Space

Inecta leveraged their decades of experience working with food businesses to create the ultimate ERP experience for the food industry.

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In recent months, Inecta has made a few significant announcements that have major implications for the food ERP space for many years to come. The company has always been tethered to food and beverage. The majority of Inecta’s clients were and are food clients. However, the focus was never fully centered around food and food only. That has changed in 2021, with Inecta reestablishing itself as 100 percent food all the time, no longer taking on customers that do not deal in food or beverage. That means that the company’s main objective as a provider of stellar ERP solutions is to offer food and beverage businesses industry-specific software to help them streamline all their numerous processes.

Inecta leveraged their decades of experience working with food businesses to create the ultimate ERP experience for the food industry. From the sales process to demoing to going live with our software, Inecta makes it abundantly clear that they know what your business is and what it needs in terms of processes to succeed. They do this by first getting to know all the ins and outs of your food business. Whether you’re a produce grower, a food manufacturer or a seafood processor, Inecta Food has designed the perfect sub-industry platform to cater to your business’s specific processual needs.

Food ERP has been sorely missing an ERP offering that considers the nuances of every kind of food business. Too many competitors attempt to push square pegs into circular holes and the results are often disappointing. Inecta Food has taken a ‘divide and conquer’ approach to creating a unique platform for every kind of food and beverage business. Inecta can apply its well of knowledge of the food industry to create solutions that provide invaluable services to food companies of all kinds. Inecta has truly created a go-to outlet for all food businesses that are currently unhappy with their current legacy system or accounting tools and want to optimize and streamline their processes. With the design of each individual sub-industry product, or “SIP”, Inecta has firmly positioned itself as an undeniable leader in the food ERP space. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner offers over 15 distinct SIPs that fit each sub-industry like a glove, with specific features and functionalities that serve to elevate each individual type of food business. In keeping with Inecta’s “Food and Only Food” motto, the company also overhauled its entire branding, sporting a whole new look for its website and social platforms. Inecta has set itself above and beyond its competitors in the food space by defining itself as the obvious choice for every kind of food business.

While Inecta isn’t the only food-specific solution out there on the market, it clearly is the only one dedicated to optimizing its solutions for every existing sub-industry within food. And that solitary detail makes a world of difference when it comes to a food ERP solution cutting it or not. If you’re any kind of food business with a particular set of processes unlike any other kind of food business, the chances are strong that Inecta has you covered with a industry-specific solution designed specifically for you.