Oatly Launches Plant-Based Cream Cheese in U.S.

The oat milk company's spread comes in "Plain" and "Chive & Onion" flavors.

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MALMÖ, Sweden — Oatly Group AB, the world’s original and largest oatmilk company, announced the nationwide launch of its newest product in the U.S.: a delectable plant-based cream cheese.

Available in two flavors, Plain and Chive & Onion, Oatly's latest food innovation cracks the deliciousness code by delivering all the savory, tangy goodness of a “traditional” cream cheese without any dairy whatsoever.

Developed by food scientists at the Company’s Philadelphia R&D lab, the new dairy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO products deliver the same performance and taste cream cheese lovers have come to expect. Oatly’s plant-based cream cheese boasts a rich and creamy texture, perfect for spreading on bagels, enhancing recipes, or simply enjoying as a delicious condiment.

“Oatly has always been at the forefront of providing delicious plant-based alternatives and this new product is no different," said Mike Messersmith, president, Oatly North America. "We’re extremely excited about the launch of our new cream cheese in the US, as it not only expands our mission to bring more plant-based consumption occasions to consumers, but also continues to prove the versatility and opportunity for oat-based products.”

Made from Oatly’s proprietary oat base – the foundation of all Oatly products – this new cream cheese offers yet another opportunity for people to easily make the switch from dairy to plant-based foods, which generally have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional dairy products.

“For decades, we’ve focused on the power of oats and the magic that happens when you unlock their potential,” said Leah Hoxie, SVP, innovation at Oatly North America. “With this new cream cheese, our US R&D team spent over a year focused on bringing to market a truly great-tasting and performing plant-based option that mimics dairy cream cheese in all the best ways possible, minus the dairy.”

Oatly Plain and Chive & Onion cream cheese varieties (8 oz.) will begin to roll out at retailers nationwide today through the second half of this year.

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