Reflex Wearables Increase Safety for Beverage Industry Workers

A discrete smart wearable that is worn on belts or waistbands of industrial workers.

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NEW YORK — KINETIC, the company providing wearable technology that fosters safe environments for the industrial workforce, has announced that its Reflex wearable device and software analytics platform is available to the beverage industry. The Reflex wearable and software analytics platform detect unsafe postures and offer data-driven insights to maximize the safety of non-office workers whether they are in a bottling plant or on a warehouse loading dock.  

A discrete smart wearable that is worn on belts or waistbands of industrial workers, the KINETIC Reflex automatically detects unsafe work postures and provides users with real-time feedback to reduce injuries and create better work habits. Key features include:

Biomechanical Analysis -- A belt-mounted wearable sensor automatically recognizes unsafe biomechanics commonly performed on the job, such as bending, overreaching, and twisting, that over time lead to injury.

Real Time Feedback -- Workers receive continuous coaching with a light vibration every time a high-risk posture is performed. The alerts, along with goal and reward functions, create new habits and drive sustained behavior change

Dashboard Analytics -- Collected high risk posture data is uploaded to a cloud-based web dashboard that provides management with valuable analytics and actionable insights to improve workplace ergonomics. Managers can see which employees are using the wearables, how the workplace landscape is affecting injuries, and target training to change behaviors or redesign trouble spots.

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