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JBT FoodTech’s CoreTakr Flex is an intelligent and flexible robotic decoring technology with product data management.

Jbt Ftnon Coretkr Flex

CHICAGO  JBT Corporation , a technology solutions provider to the global food and beverage industry, announces the launch of JBT FoodTech’s CoreTakr Flex, an intelligent and flexible robotic decoring technology with product data management. 

The new and improved CoreTakr Flex includes fully automatic decoring solutions coupled with a manual infeed for produce such as iceberg lettuce, radicchio romaine lettuce, celery and others, amounting to 15 different leafy greens varieties. CoreTakr Flex is capable of decoring up to 2,400 heads per hour through its semi-automatic solution. By implementing the CoreTakr Flex system, companies will benefit from reduced waste, a decreased carbon footprint, a continuous reconfigurable outfeed. 

CoreTakr Flex utilizes the robotic systems of JBT’s FTNON. FTNON automates repetitive human labor tasks in fresh food applications in a safe and extremely hygienic way, while also capturing a wealth of useful data. Data collection includes production overviews, raw material data and details of? the incoming product used to inform the robot decoring system. Furthermore, process data and machine data are stored and used to predict maintenance, maximize machine effectiveness and optimize product quality. 

JBT FoodTech’s commitment does not end with the purchase of the CoreTakr Flex system, but remains ongoing during the life of the equipment. JBT FoodTech prides itself on being a full-service partner, going beyond simply supplying the equipment to provide the best customer care, process knowledge, safety and support for each of their customers. Through JBT’s PRoCARE services, customers can prevent unexpected costs through smart, purposeful and timely maintenance based on unmatched knowledge and expertise. PRoCARE service packages are offered  in various service levels, depending on production and cost management requirements. 

CoreTakr Flex is compatible with the CE machine guidelines. All potentially hazardous areas of the machinery are fenced, locked and non-reachable during operation, only to be unlocked by a safety signal that kills the power. In cleaning mode, belts can move slowly with the robot section completely shut down. Emergency buttons are placed on the control cabinet and the robot section. 

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