Cargill Introduces Canola Lecithin for Label-Conscious Consumers

Cargill is expanding its line of emulsifiers with the addition of deoiled canola lecithin.

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MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 20, 2016 (PRNewswire) β€” Cargill is expanding its line of emulsifiers with the addition of deoiled canola lecithin. Cargill now offers customers three plant-sourced lecithin options β€” soy, sunflower and canola β€” in the U.S. and Canada1. Cargill's canola lecithin helps food manufacturers deliver product attributes consumers increasingly seek as it is a non-GMO option, may be used in organic products2 and does not have to be declared as a major food allergen. 

"We are continually working to develop products that meet the shifting expectations of today's label-conscious consumers," explains Kathrine Lutz, Marketing Manager, Cargill. "Increasingly, our customers are looking for cost-effective, label-friendly ingredients. With the addition of canola, customers can be assured that whatever their needs, we have a lecithin option that will work for them." 

A versatile emulsifier and dispersing agent, Cargill's canola lecithin may be used in a wide variety of food applications, including chocolate and confectionery, bakery and convenience foods. Dispersibility as well as functionality, taste and color are very comparable to soy and sunflower lecithin. As a result, Cargill's canola lecithin may be used as a one-to-one replacement for other lecithin types, making it easy for food manufacturers to incorporate into their product lines with only minor adaptations. Visit for further details..

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1 This product will be available in Europe starting Spring 2017
2 Under certain circumstances per 7 CFR Β§205.606

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