Automatic Rotary Cup Filling/Sealing Machine

Telesonic 2 Sized

TeleSonic Packaging Corp (Wilmington, DE) introduces the Automatic Rotary Cup Filling/Sealing Machine – TRK – 50. The TRK – 50 is designed to automatically package free flowing ground coffee and tea products, with pre-made filter cups. Made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant material, it is extremely durable and efficient and can give up to 50 cups per minute. Features include:

  • Intermittent motion cup filling & sealing, complete with OMRON PLC control.
  • Color touch screen.
  • Servo driven auger filler.
  • Auto cup detester.
  • No cup no fill system.
  • Adjustable volume in grams.
  • Lid from roll stock.
  • Auto rejection of defective cups.
  • Transparent product hopper with high/low sensor.
  • Solid state temperature control.; 302-658-6945