Newman's Own Provides $2M in Nutrition Grants

The funding will help support nutrition education, healthy diets, food rescue, gardening, and access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Newmans Own Foundation Logo

Newman's Own Foundation, founded by the late actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, today announced $2 million in grants have been awarded to nonprofit organizations that are focused on fresh food access and nutrition education. The funding will support nutrition programs all over the country and internationally, helping nonprofits address various needs such as nutrition education, healthy diets, food rescue, gardening, and access to fresh fruits and vegetables in underserved communities.

Newman's Own Foundation has been a long-time supporter of nutrition, and this year more than $1 million of the funds will be focused on grassroots organizations that provide impact at a local level.

As part of this commitment to nutrition, $750,000 has been awarded to organizations that work on fresh food access, nutrition education, and food sovereignty in Native American communities. Food insecurity in these communities is particularly severe, where many Native households don't have access to adequate food due to lack of money or other resources.

Newman's Own Foundation has been supporting a Native American Nutrition Cohort, consisting of nine nonprofits that are working to improve nutrition in their communities. Through this peer-learning model, the group shares experiences, builds relationships, and collaborates to help address issues and solve nutrition-related problems in their communities. The most recent meeting was held in Flagstaff AZ in September. The list of organizations in the Native American Nutrition Cohort that are receiving grants can be found here:

Newman's Own Foundation continues the legacy of Paul Newman, who founded Newman's Own in 1982, giving all profits to charity. To date, more than $550 million has been donated to thousands of charities around the world, helping millions of people.