Saco Foods Acquires California Sun Dry Foods

The deal should strengthen the market presence of both brands.

Saco Acquisition

(PRNewswire)  Middleton, Wisconsin-based Saco Foods, a manufacturer and distributor of specialty consumer packaged goods, has acquired California Sun Dry Foods, Inc. It is the leading brand of sun-dried tomatoes in the United States. Charles Olins, formerly the VP of Sales and Marketing at Concord Foods, has joined Saco as Vice President and General Manager to grow the California Sun Dry brand under Saco's ownership.

"With the acquisition of California Sun Dry, Saco has significantly expanded its volume in the produce section," said Tom Walzer, Saco's CEO and President. Saco's and California Sun Dry's owners have discussed this transaction for several years. The formal combination looks to strengthen the market presence of both brands.

Saco was founded in 1973. Its' primary products include Dolci Frutta, a chocolate hard-shell dessert dip for fruit, nuts, and other snacks, as well as powdered instant milk, powdered dry buttermilk, and baking cocoa sold under the Saco Pantry family of brands.