KanPak Opens New Warehouse

The $11 million facility will utilize aseptic processing technology for its dairy products, and provide cost savings for customers.

Kan Pak

(PRNewswire)   KanPak U.S., a leading supplier of beverages and desserts using aseptic processing technology, and a subsidiary of Golden State Foods (GSF), has opened a new warehouse in Arkansas City, Kansas. The 202,800-square-foot facility will store an array of finished and raw goods, including ingredients and packaging materials.

"This new warehouse will provide KanPak more direct control over our inventory, which results in cost savings for our customers," said Larry McGill, chief executive officer, KanPak. "Additionally, the proximity of the warehouse to our manufacturing plant is more efficient, and the elimination of a third-party facility allows KanPak to be a one stop-shop, providing our customers with even better customer service."

KanPak offers processing of dairy products, allowing all product to be kept at ambient temperature. The heat treatment and packaging kills enough bacteria so that milk, or similar products like soft serve ice cream mix, won't spoil for extended periods of time (months or even years).

This innovation allows warehousing to keep two ambient temperature zones, 70 degrees Fahrenheit for raw goods and 80 degrees Fahrenheit for finished goods. In addition to providing significant savings, the facility was built to enhance customer service efforts by allowing KanPak to have constant oversight of environment, handling and more.

KanPak partnered with Arco Construction to complete the $11 million project in less than a year. The new facility, which brings 20 new jobs to Arkansas City, will service all KanPak customers, including Chick-fil-A, Whataburger, Tim Hortons, QuikTrip and Perrigo. 

Headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, KanPak has operations in Kansas, New York, Connecticut, Canada and China. It produces a variety of dairy and coffee-based products, such as iced and cold brew coffee, ice cream, yogurt and frozen dessert products, milk shake bases, packaged milk and creamers and specialty beverages.