Low-Profile Bulk Bag Filler Pivots Head to Operator

Patented fill head pivots to the operator at floor level for safe, ergonomic spout connections, and a low-profile loading.

Rear-Post Bulk Bag Filler with Swing-Down

A new Rear-Post Bulk Bag Filler from Flexicon (Bethlehem, PA) features a patented Swing-Down fill head that pivots to the operator at floor level for safe, ergonomic spout connections, and a low-profile loading deck that allows removal of filled bags using a pallet jack. Additional features include:

  • A cantilevered fill head that pivots downward to a vertical orientation which places the inflatable bag spout seal, inflator button, and four bag loop latches within an arm's length of an operator standing on the plant floor.
  • After the bag straps are connected and the inflatable bag spout collar is activated, the filler automatically pivots the fill head to horizontal, inflates the bag to remove creases, and activates a flow control inlet valve or feed conveyor.
  • As load cells register the gain in weight, the controller raises and vibrates the loading deck at programmed intervals to densify material and promote flow into bottom corners of the bag.
  • Once the bag reaches its target weight, the controller automatically stops the flow of incoming material, deflates the bag spout collar, and releases the bag straps, allowing the filled bag to be removed using a pallet jack or forklift.
  • A patented mechanism automatically resets the latch after releasing the bag loops, and repositions it as the fill head pivots into a vertical position, enabling the latch to receive bag loops inserted by an operator and to re-latch automatically.
  • A carbon steel construction with a durable industrial coating.
  • Stainless steel finished product contact surfaces to sanitary or industrial standards.
  • Mechanical or pneumatic conveyors to source material from upstream process equipment or storage vessels.
  • Optional patented Twin-Centerpost bulk bag fillers for low capacity applications and/or compliance with USDA Dairy standards.

For more information, visit www.flexicon.com or call 888-353-9426.