Customized, Ready-to-Install Pneumatic Assemblies

Numatics Integrated Automation Solutions

ASCO (Florham Park, NJ) has introduced Numatics Integrated Automation Solutions, customized assemblies of electrical and pneumatic components designed to meet specific customer needs. The compact, space-saving solutions feature:

  • Numatics directional control valves.
  • Air preparation products.
  • Fieldbus electronics.
  • ASCO fluid control valves.

Produced in the U.S. by a factory-trained assembly team, they are supported by the company’s local field service. Integrated Automation Solutions benefit from the company’s engineering tools and services that include:

  • Design support.
  • CAD models.
  • Numasizing software for product sizing.
  • Build-to-blueprint services.
  • Controller integration.

Integrated Automation Solutions are applicable in the biomedical and pharmaceutical, life sciences, food and beverage, dairy, petrochemical, and water/wastewater industries.

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