Recalls, COVID Dominate Food Manufacturing's Top 20 News Items of 2020

COVID-19 dominated all news cycles in 2020, and it was no different on Food Manufacturing. Take a look at what made the biggest waves this past year.


It's the final days of the year, which means we're all inundated with countless "Top XX of the Year" lists. To that I say, embrace it. Even in such a tumultuous year as 2020, it's always worth taking a look back at the year that was.

Here's a look back at the top 20 most-read or watched news items published by Food Manufacturing during 2020. News involving recalls, accidents, major safety incidents and general death & destruction expectedly populate this list, while impacts from COVID-19 frequent it as well.

1. Recalled Onions Linked to Nearly 400 Illnesses - published Aug. 3

2. Costco Drops Coconut Milk Brand After Alleged Monkey Labor - published Nov. 4

3. BBQ Lay's Recalled in Western States - published Aug. 25

4. CANPACK to Build Large Beverage Can Factory in Northeast Pennslyvania - published July 16

5. Survey: 85% of Americans Have Changed What They Eat During Pandemic - published June 10

6. Conagra Brands Giving Production & Distribution Employees Cash Bonus - published March 27

7. 3 Meat Plants Shut Down Following Worker Infections - published April 7

8. Tyson Closes Its Largest Pork Plant - published April 22

9. Oreo Cookie Factory in Danger of Closing - published Nov. 19

10. Jelly Belly Founder Launches Golden Ticket Game - published Sept. 10

11. Hormel Giving Plant Workers $7 Million in Bonuses - published April 23

12. PepsiCo to Distribute Bang Energy Drinks - published April 28

13. Country Fresh Expands Walmart Fruit Recall - published Oct. 5

14. FDA Shuts Down Home Style Foods - published Jan. 15

15. Ball Corp. Investing $300M in New Northeast Pennsylvania Canning Plant - published Sept. 8

16. Outbreak at Iowa Tyson Plant Was Far Worse Than State Reported - published June 22

17. Woman Dies in Raisin Processing Equipment - published Jan. 28

18. Beyond Meat to Begin China Production Later This Year - published Sept. 8

19. Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben's Retired - published June 17

20. Worker Dies in Accident at Smithfield Foods - published Dec. 18

Here's to 2021: May its top 20 news items bring far less negative headlines than this past year did.