Color Sensors

The new Contrinex Series 4055 color sensors are ideal for color control as well as for use in color sorting processes. The devices feature 3 teachable color channels with independent 200 mA outputs, which allow for three color tones to be programmed. Benefits of these Contrinex color sensors include:

  • Detection virtually independent of target distance
  • 5 switching tolerance levels: various, even minimal, color differences can be recognized or ignored
  • 3 teachable color channels with independent outputs
  • High switching frequency: up to ?4 kHz
  • 10-bit precision of R, G and B signals
  • Adjustable pulse delay and stretching
  • Small standard housing size (40 x 50 x 15 mm) with adjustable connector
  • Insulation class II
  • Available in NPN and PNP versions
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