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COVID Could Be Redefining the Drive-Thru

A look at each state's more frequently used fast food drive-thrus since mid-March.

Drive Thru

According to Top Data: "A lot has been made of the fact that COVID-19 has accelerated a new normal void of handshakes, crowded spaces, and traditional workplaces, but has the virus actually sent us back in time rather than forcing the future? If trends in fast food are any indication, COVID might be more of a blast from the past than a harbinger of things to come."

The agency recently unveiled stats from mid-March showing the leading drive-thru destinations for each state. According to Top Data, , this "car-hop" style of food service is somewhat reminiscent of the 1950s. The image above shows the leading fast food drive-thrus in each state, with more detailed information available by clicking here.

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