Odd Burger, Sysco Partner to Launch Vegan Meats Brand, Preposterous Foods

‎The line of minimal ingredient, plant-based proteins and sauces is distributed exclusively through Sysco.

Odd Burger Corporation Odd Burger Launches Preposterous Foods N

TORONTO — Odd Burger Corporation, one of the world's first vegan fast-food chains and first to go public, announced Feb. 22 it is launching and marketing a line of vegan products under the brand Preposterous Foods.

Preposterous Foods offers a minimal-ingredient, minimally processed line featuring whole foods like chickpeas, oats and wheat gluten. The initial launch will feature 10 products including a crispy "chickUN" burger, meatless wings, beefy ground meat, gyro meat, breakfast sausage, dairy-free ranch dressing, 'honey' mustard sauce, tzatziki sauce, eggless mayo, and dairy-free cheese sauce.

‎The line of plant-based proteins and sauces is distributed exclusively through Sysco, the world's largest food services company with more than 600,000 clients in restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, lodging/hospitality and other institutional customers. This provides Preposterous with more than 330 distribution facilities worldwide.

"It may seem preposterous, but indulgent food can be healthy, and healthy food can be indulgent," said Odd Burger co-founder and CEO James McInnes. "Thanks to new innovations and upgrades in our manufacturing facility, we're now able to produce plant-based proteins and other treats at scale for broader distribution, and bring utterly Preposterous Foods to a bigger market."

‎The Preposterous Foods manufacturing facility is a subsidiary division of Odd Burger Corporation. It is CFIA-registered and HACCP-certified to meet international food safety regulations.

Odd Burger currently has six fast-food locations, with 11 in development, and plans to have 20 restaurants operational by this time next year.

For more information or for wholesale inquiries visit https://preposterousfoods.com.

Odd Burger Corporation is a chain of company-owned and franchised vegan fast-food restaurants as well as a food technology company that manufactures and distributes a line of plant-based protein and dairy alternatives under the brand Preposterous Foods to foodservice channels. Odd Burger restaurants operate as smart kitchens, which use state-of-the art cooking technology and automation solutions to deliver a delicious food experience to customers craving healthier and more sustainable fast food. With small store footprints optimized for delivery and takeout, advanced cooking technology, competitive pricing, a vertically integrated supply chain along with healthier ingredients, Odd Burger is revolutionizing the fast-food industry by creating guilt-free fast food. Odd Burger Corporation is traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol ODD, on the OTCQB under ODDAF, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under IA9. For more information visit https://www.oddburger.com.

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