Solid February Increase in Planned Food & Bev Facility Investment Projects

Plans for Great Lakes Cheese's $500 million factory project in New York and Clemens Food Group's $228 million Pennsylvania plant led the way.

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Industrial and commercial market intelligence firm SalesLeads’ released its latest monthly report covering planned food & beverage construction projects in North America, showing that activity accelerated last month after starting 2021 with a weak January.

SalesLeads tracked 70 such food & beverage facility projects in January, up from 60 in January and more on track with the 73 seen in December.

SalesLeads' recent annual report confirmed 872 new food & beverage projects in 2020, down 9 percent from 2019. 

The firm’s February recap is broken down as follows:

  • 53 projects were for processing facilities (47 in January, 59 in December)
  • 14 were for distribution and industrial warehouse (20 in January, 20 in December)
  • 23 were new construction projects (23 in January, 23 in December)
  • 20 were expansion projects (12 in January, 21 in December)
  • 30 projects entailed renovations and equipment upgrades (26 in January, 33 in December)
  • 2 projects were for plant closures (5 in January, 0 in December,)
  • There was a five-way tie between Missouri, Ontario, Ohio, North Carolina and Nova Scotia for the states and territories with the most projects during February, at four each. New York, Washington, Iowa, Michigan and Florida each had three.

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During February, SalesLeads identified four new food & beverage facility construction projects with an estimated value of at least $100 million — compared to three in January and two each in December and November. The largest February project is by Great Lakes Cheese, which plans to invest $500 million to build a 486,000-square-foot processing plant in Belvidere, NY. It includes a 50,000-square-foot water treatment plant, and the project is currently seeking approval. The company plans to relocate regional operations to the new plant upon its completion.

The other largest food & beverage facility construction projects SalesLeads identified in February included:

  • Meat processor Clemens Food Group, which plans to invest $228 million to build a processing plant in Hatfield, PA
  • Food processor Archer Daniels Midland Company, which plans to expand its Clinton, IA factory by 241,000 square feet. The investment amount is unknown.
  • Anheuser-Busch, which is considering expanding their Merrimack, NH plant. The investment amount is unknown.
  • Cargill, which plans to invest $24 million to expand and renovate their refrigerated warehouse and distribution space in Albert Lea, Mn
  • Specialty food processor Mom's Meals, which plans to invest $18 million to build a 200,000-square-foot processing facility in Oklahoma City, OK
  • Startup meat processor Naeve Family Beef, which plans to invest $10 million to build a new plant in Camanche, IA
  • Chapman's Ice Cream, which plans to expand its processing facility in Markdale, Ontario by 90,000 square feet
  • Meat processor Edgewood Locker, which plans to invest $8 million to expand its processing facility in Edgewood, IA.
  • East Dakota Beef Processing, which plans to invest $8 million to build a 110,000-square-foot processing facility in Lennox, SD.
  • Cape Dor Sustainable Seafoods, which plans to invest $6.7 million to expand its processing facility in Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia.

See our recap of SalesLeads’ January Food & Beverage facility capital spending projects here.

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