5 Minutes with Food: Cody P. Bann Director of Engineering for SmartSights

Manufacturing plants are facing a convergence of extreme challenges: an aging workforce coupled with the transfer of knowledge, and increased demands for higher quality products utilizing fewer resources. Navigating these issues is critical to maintaining ongoing operations and controlling costs. If something additional happens, such as unplanned equipment downtime, the results can be a logistical nightmare and financial disaster. However, recent trends in IIoT, machine connectivity, monitoring solutions and real-time reports are playing a critical role in mitigating unexpected problems and staffing challenges.

Equipment failure is the most common cause of downtime. According to analyst firm Aberdeen Research, downtime costs manufacturing facilities an astounding $260,000 per hour.

Joining us today is Cody P. Bann, director of Engineering for SmartSights. Cody has 16 years of software development experience with the Austin-based company, and holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin and a BA in Computer Science from Boston University.

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