5 Minutes with Food Manufacturing: How High Tek Fills 300 Dehydrated Potato Packages Per Minute

The company's Mini Weigher is ideal when trying to hit small target weights accurately and quickly.

High Tek USA's Mini Weigher is well-known in the cannabis industry as it's an ideal solution to fill anything from one gram to one ounce. However, the company recently found a new application in the food industry when a customer was struggling to weigh and package dehydrated hash brown potatoes.

According to Jeremy Peterson, High Tek's service manager, the customer needed to hit 300 packages per minute, but on its best day, it struggled to hit 180 packages per minute. The company sent some sample product to High Tek to run on the company's Mini Weigher. Because it works well with any product with low target weights, dehydrated products — which tend to be light in weight and density — could be a perfect fit.

High Tek performed a demo to prove its machine's speed capabilities and the customer recently installed four Mini Weighers, which are now hitting the the 300 packages per minute goal. 

For more information, visit https://hightekusa.com/.

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