Breaking Down the Boeing Hack

Industry experts assess the ransomware attack, the attacker, and critical takeaways for manufacturers of all sizes.

Recently, one of the most high-profile manufacturers in the world – Boeing – suffered what they’re describing as a “cyber incident”, which resulted in a large, but unknown quantity of data being stolen and held for ransom by the notorious Russian RaaS group, Lockbit.

Lockbit, which is highly recognized as one of the most prolific threat actors targeting the industrial sector, obtained what is currently assessed as Citrix cloud files, security controls, email backups and corporate emails. The leak is potentially tied to a parts distribution company, Aviall, that Boeing purchased in 2006. 

What remains to be seen, despite Boeing’s claims, is just how damage this leak could cause, what the ramifications might be moving forward, how Boeing might respond and what the industrial sector can learn from this incident.

We’ve assembled two leading industry experts to break down the attack - KnowBe4’s Erich Kron and Tony Pietrocola, president of AgileBlue and the Northern Ohio chapter of InfraGard.

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