Miller Partners on 'Dive Bar' Flavored Ice Cream

With hints of peanuts, tobacco smoke and beer.

Food companies are constantly looking for unorthodox ways to market their products.

Longstanding beer brand Miller High Life has created an unlikely partnership to develop a unique frozen treat.

Tipsy Scoop, maker of boozy ice cream, has paired with the beer company to create an ice cream bar with a twist.

Dubbed the “Ice Cream Dive Bar,” the confection was developed in honor of the ice cream bar’s 100th anniversary.

It’s been flavored to remind consumers of a classic dive bar, with peanut swirl to mimic the peanut shells on the floors.

A slight tobacco smoke flavor has been added, along with a sprinkle of carbonated candy and a chocolate coating.

The ice cream itself is infused with Miller High Life.

At $36, this 6-pack is much pricier than beer, and can be ordered online for delivery at Tipsy Scoop’s website.

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