Vision Inspection System Gets Updated Cameras, Software

The system produces higher resolution images, improved inspection results and quicker processing.


Silgan Equipment (Waukegan, IL) offers their 51R56 vision inspection for beverages and foods packaged using bottles and caps. Features and upgrades include:

  • Silgan 5ececdb259b9dThe ability to detect and reject incorrectly capped, damaged or incompletely filled containers before they proceed downstream.
  • The upgraded 51R56G uses high-resolution GigE Flir cameras. and Windows 10 software. As a result, the system produces higher resolution images, improved inspection results, and quicker processing.
  • Multiple cameras conduct 360-degree inspection of passing containers. The vision tunnel is mounted on a stand that enables the unit to be positioned  over an existing conveyor line, eliminating the need to break into a line to provide space. This configuration also enables the unit to be raised or lowered as it inspects different height containers.
  • A NEMA 4X-rated HMI is mounted on a separate stand next to the conveyor, and provides a 15" touchscreen interface through which operators can access inspection menus and initiate product changeovers. The HMI’s menus can contain up to 50 product inspection target configurations.
  • The unit can inspect capsizes from 28 mm to 43 mm, and up to 82 mm with changes to camera lenses and lighting.
  • An auto configuration teach function for adding new target configurations to the menu.


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