Racetrack Accumulation Feeds Hand Pack Operation

It sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s not.

Racetrack Feeds Handpack By Multi Conveyor

Multi-Conveyor (Winneconne, WI) announced a series of conveyor technologies designed to tactically transport a granulated or whole bean dry beverage product.


  • Product travels from two bagger discharges, though curves and elevations, ultimately depositing onto a continuous running loop where it is staged for hand-packing
  • Product simultaneously ascends up two 12” wide side flexing incline conveyor sections at parallel locations
  • First incline incorporates 90° x 24” radius curve to align product narrow edge leading, dropping onto descending transfer plate that merges product into non-stop recirculating loop
  • Second incline takes product through single straight incline, also narrow edge leading
  • Product then discharges from respective locations onto “racetrack style” accumulation conveyor
  • Continuous 60 FPM loop uses two 180° x 24” radius curves that sandwich two 13’ straight running sections
  • Hand-pack Operators will be stationed along outer length of looping conveyor where they will manually load product into cases prior to case sealer

The sequence of product transition was critical to ensure the bags were easy-to-grab while minimizing product overlapping.

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