Food-Safe Silicone Offers Productivity, Compliance


Dow (Midland, MI) recently unveiled DOWSIL 8024 Food Contact Release Emulsion, a waterborne silicone emulsion that the company states will bring improved performance levels to food processors and suppliers across a wide range of direct and indirect food contact applications. Features include lubrication efficiency, low volatility, and adherence to global and regional food contact regulations. The material is also heat-resistant, odorless, non-staining and non-corrosive, and can be diluted with water to adapt its properties to meet specific needs. DOWSIL 8024 can be used as a release agent for paper, plastic, and rubber food container parts, as a lubricant for food conveyor and transfer belts, as an anti-blocking agent for paper and plastic sheets, or as an additive in organic-based formulations.

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