ProVantage Powerflute

The latest addition to Mondi’s containerboard portfolio — ProVantage Powerflute — provides excellent moisture resistance and ensures more reliable packaging performance.

Corrugated boxes for foods such as fruit and vegetables, which are often shipped over long distances, are subject to significant stress. That challenge calls for more reliable product protection and longer box life to help reduce food loss and waste. The latest addition to Mondi’s containerboard portfolio, ProVantage Powerflute, provides excellent moisture resistance and ensures more reliable packaging performance.

Key features of ProVantage Powerflute

ProVantage Powerflute is a highly efficient raw material for the corrugated packaging industry. It retains its properties better than most other flutings, and guarantees excellent box performance, even under very demanding high-humidity or cold-chain conditions.

The challenge of demanding conditions

Since paper products react to changes in ambient humidity, box performance can be affected. That can cause problems anywhere along the supply chain, from the corrugated box producer to the fruit and vegetable grower, the retailer and the end consumer. Lightweight, sturdy solutions which are at the same time environment-friendly are required. ProVantage Powerflute's industry-leading resistance to adverse conditions makes it the material of choice, particularly for those who transport sensitive goods over long distances.

Strong, cost-efficient and sustainable

ProVantage Powerflute retains its properties even under extreme conditions and at the same time is cost-efficient: the packaging weighs less because ProVantage Powerflute’s superior strength is achieved with less fibre. ProVantage Powerflute also guarantees excellent load-bearing capability, making boxes safer to handle, stack and store.
Designed for the reliable packaging and transport of fruit and vegetables, it ensures optimum protection against spoilage. In addition, it has a part to play in marketing, since an intact box means an intact brand image. As a biodegradable and 100 percent natural material it is also a valuable recycling resource after its initial use.

Suitable for:

  • Fruit and vegetables; other foodstuffs
  • Cold-chain packaging
  • High-humidity and extreme-climate storage
  • Heavy-duty packaging


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