McCormick Redesigns Herbs and Spices Lineup

The bottle redesign is the company's first in 40 years.

Mc Cormick Red Cap Redesign 1

HUNT VALLEY, Md. — For the first time in nearly 40 years, McCormick has launched a brand-new design for its core red cap branded products.

More than just a packaging change, the new bottles – tested and preferred by consumers – address a desire to buy and cook with the freshest herbs and spices. The brand's new signature SnapTight lids will assure home cooks that their bottles are closed tight, locking in flavor and freshness between use. 

The new bottles have begun to rollout on retail shelves nationwide, and the transition will continue over the year for all McCormick red cap products. This includes the most essential herbs and spices, such as Cinnamon, Garlic Powder, Paprika, Parsley, and Crushed Red Pepper.

"Our new bottle redesign is not only a milestone celebration for the brand, but for our home cooks, as well," said Nikki French, group vice president marketing, NA consumer at McCormick. "These changes deliver a new standard when it comes to our passion and continued pursuit of flavor." 

From packaging through at-home use, McCormick has implemented several changes that give consumers reasons to add them to cart. Leveraging the redesign as a substantial opportunity to further their environmental commitments and listening to consumer feedback, the new bottles are made from a 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.

Prominently printing product names and best by dates on the lid, will help consumers reach for the right flavors. Clear label designs showcase the transparency and quality of McCormick herbs and spices.

An improved bottling process draws out excess air during filling, reducing the amount of oxygen inside which can impact freshness over time; and new proprietary SnapTight lids audibly seal in flavor, so herbs and spices remain fresher, longer.

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