Science-Backed Ingredients the Focus at IFT First Conference

PLT Health Solutions said it will highlight its portfolio of beverage-friendly ingredients.

Poured Beverage
Poured Beverage

MORRISTOWN, N.J. - At this year's IFT First Conference in Chicago, PLT Health Solutions Inc. will be highlighting its growing portfolio of "beverage-friendly" ingredients that provide a broad range of science-backed benefits for the burgeoning functional beverage market. Overall, PLT markets more than a dozen water-dispersible and water-soluble solutions, primarily botanical ingredients across key health categories. At IFT, PLT will be focusing on three major health and wellness segments – energy, active nutrition and stress/mood management. In the last eight months, PLT has launched three new water-soluble and dispersible ingredients: Zynamite® S for mental energy, water-dispersible RipFACTOR for muscle strength and endurance and a water-soluble version of its adaptogen, Rhodiolife Rhodiola rosea. Each of these botanical complexes required significant R&D to meet the standards of the beverage industry.

 Highlighting Three Hot Health & Wellness Categories

Most industry authorities consider functional beverages to be one of the fastest growing segments of the natural products industry. At IFT, PLT will be featuring beverage-friendly ingredients focusing on three health categories: energy, active nutrition and stress/mood.


PLT offers both stimulant and non-stim energy ingredients with its zumXR. Targeted Release Caffeine and Zynamite – via the recently introduced Zynamite S format.

Active Nutrition

As part of its burgeoning Sports/Active Nutrition portofolio, beverage friendly ingredients will include MegaNatual-BP® grape seed extract for enhanced blood flow and endurance, RipFACTOR Muscle Accelerator with extensive clinical science demonstrating improved muscle strength and endurance and finally Slendacor Weight Management Complex, that offers non-stimulant calorie burning and weight loss. Both MegaNatural-BP and Slendacor also have clinically demonstrated cardiometabolic benefits.


For the white hot stess/mood and cognitive health category, PLT will be showcasing Rhodiolife Rhodiola rosea that leads the exciting adaptogen trend and Zembrin Sceletium tortuosum, that has extensive cliinical work showing reduced stress and enhanced mood in less than 2 hours from ingrestion.

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