Anchor Ingredients Launches New Technical Services Division

The division will offer optimization, troubleshooting and product development services.

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Anchor Ingredients

FARGO, N.D. — Anchor Ingredients on Wednesday introduced its new technical services division, which is dedicated to providing unbiased and comprehensive support to pet food manufacturers and brands, catering to their unique production and formulation needs.

With a diverse range of services aimed at optimizing processes, troubleshooting quality issues and fostering innovation, Anchor Ingredients’ new technical services division is set to revolutionize the industry's approach to challenges and advancements.

The new division will offer an array of services, including production process optimization, product quality troubleshooting, ingredient technology support, product development and formulation expertise, facility and process flow design services, as well as educational seminars and training opportunities. Anchor Ingredients is committed to sharing its expertise and insights to empower manufacturers and brands with the tools they need to excel in an evolving landscape.

Heading this division is Brian Streit, an industry veteran with a 27-year track record of operations, quality control, equipment technology, formulation and innovation within pet food manufacturing and related sectors. Streit's leadership will infuse the division with a wealth of practical knowledge, enabling it to serve as a resource for manufacturers and brands seeking excellence in every aspect of their business.

"We are very excited to bring this service to the pet food industry and to our customers," Streit said. "With special focus on collaborative customer service, we will take an experience and education based best practice approach to serve our customers as a solutions provider for systemic and new challenges, as well as partnering in innovation and new product development."

In an era where the pet food industry is marked by increasing complexity, Anchor Ingredients is poised to address the emerging needs of both manufacturers and brands, whether they operate new or existing facilities, or rely on co-manufacturers. By offering expert guidance, fostering innovation and prioritizing customer collaboration, Anchor Ingredients is committed to elevating the industry's standards and practices.

"As the industry continues to evolve, so must our approach to supporting manufacturers and brands alike. The goal of this division is to lead an unbiased conversation on innovation within our industry," said Al Yablonski, CEO and co-founder of Anchor Ingredients. "Whether a customer is looking for quality ingredients, supply chain expertise, value-added processing — and now, production and formulation insight — Anchor Ingredients has a solution and is driven to be the preferred supply chain partner for the next generation of pet food.”

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