Cooking Oil Maker Wesson Announces Brand Refresh

New packaging and marketing will debut this spring.

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MEMPHIS β€” Wesson, America's best-selling plant based cooking oil brand, is reinvigorating the cooking oil aisle across America for the first time in over two decades.

New owner Richardson International Limited, a leader in agriculture and food processing, breathes new life into the 123-year-old brand with a refreshed look inspired by Wesson's storied history. Wesson has been trusted for generations of home cooks and professional chefs alike to be the pure foundation for every meal. With a nod to the past and looking confidently to the future, Wesson is investing to uphold its longstanding place in American kitchens for the next generation. The new look will begin to appear on grocery shelves this month.

"We've acquired a renowned brand, a good plant run by great people, and we're honored to be the stewards of this trusted name in cooking," said Richardson vice president Thor Richardson. "Wesson is a key piece in our vertical integration strategy. We've spent decades building a reliable supply chain to deliver quality food from the farm field to the bottle on shelf. Wesson has been trusted by consumers for over 123 years. As a 165-year-old family company, we value trust built over generations and look forward to continuing to earn the patronage of Wesson consumers for years to come."

Today more than ever, Americans are rediscovering family traditions that bring loved ones together over food. Nearly 75% of Americans plan to continue increased levels of home cooking, with millennials leading the trend. Wesson's new creative brings this culinary shift to life and demonstrates the power of family recipes to transcend generations. A video shows a young woman connecting with her past by preparing her late aunt's chocolate ganache cake recipe exactly the way her aunt always made it – with Wesson.

"Only a food culture icon could maintain its market leadership position despite a two-decade long advertising hiatus," said Richardson U.S. retail sales director Irman Webb. "More than a century ago, Mr. Wesson innovated plant-based cooking oil, moving us away from rendered animal fat. The proprietary purification process made a superior oil that cemented consumer loyalty, giving Wesson a cult status that has been passed down for generations through family recipes. We're eager to reconnect with home cooks across America over great food." 

Inspired by over a century of bottle design evolution, Wesson's new look brings back the brand's original bold colors and typography for immediate recognition among loyal consumers while delivering a modern, clean aesthetic for a new era. Wesson's commitment to its proud Tennessee roots is evident, sporting a new white cap engraved with "Pure. Established 1899. Memphis USA."

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