Ohio Man Raises $70K to Make Potato Salad

A goal of raising $10 on Kickstarter to make potato salad was easily met when Zack Brown, an Ohio man, raised more than $70,000. Now, Jack Astor's restaurant wants to bring the famous potato salad to the people having Brown serve it from one of its kitchens.

TORONTO (CNW) — The goal was to raise $10 and create a few laughs, but as of July 9, Zack Danger Brown has raised more than $70,000 on Kickstarter so that he can make…potato salad. For the team at Jack Astor's, the next logical step is bringing the Internet-famous potato salad to the people!

After hearing about Brown's campaign, the Jack Astor's marketing team thought a partnership would be a perfect fit. The restaurant has offered to fly Brown to one of their 39 kitchens in Canada to collaborate with Jack Astor's executive chef to create the best potato salad ever, to serve while hosting Canada's first Potato Salad Party. The restaurant also offered to donate all profits from sales of Brown's potato salad to a charity of his choice.

Over the past nine days, Brown has become a feature in mainstream news and has the Internet's rapt attention as his Kickstarter donations have continued to climb. This week alone Brown was interviewed on Good Morning America and mentioned on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

"Canadians love potato salad, and we think our restaurants have an irreverent sense of humour, just like Zack," said Somer Mullins, Jack Astor's marketing manager. "It seems like a perfect collaboration and we're hoping Zack will take us up on our offer!"

Jack Astor's has been in contact with Brown via his Kickstarter campaign page and Twitter about next steps to bring Brown and his potato salad to Canada once the campaign closes on August 2. Though details are not confirmed yet, the Jack's team is hopeful they will host Canada's first Potato Salad Party in the coming weeks. The only condition? That he doesn't tell poutine!

About Jack Astor's:
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