Pollo Tropical Now Serving No Antibiotics Ever Chicken

Effective immediately, all chicken served will have been raised without any antibiotics ever.

MIAMI, Jan. 11, 2018 (PRNewswire) β€” Pollo Tropical, the quick-service restaurant chain famous for citrus marinated, fire-grilled chicken and more, has announced that 100 percent of all chicken menu items served at its locations will be made with No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) chicken.

As part of its strategic renewal plan, the Pollo Tropical brand has made a commitment to quality, fresh, wholesome ingredients.  For people in search of more natural food offerings, NAE chicken is becoming a new benchmark for the industry and Pollo Tropical's transition marks a significant milestone for the company.

"Serving No Antibiotic Ever chicken is a very important moment in Pollo Tropical's proud 30-year history. Our supply chain team has spent a tremendous amount of time and effort to ensure that we provide the best quality chicken in a highly responsible manner to our guests," said Fiesta Restaurant Group President and CEO, Rich Stockinger. "In our renewal plan, we made the commitment to improve all aspects of our business. NAE chicken is another promise kept."

NAE chicken ensures that antibiotics were never introduced through feed, water sources or any other means during the life of the bird. To ensure this, Pollo Tropical's chicken producers are only those approved and certified as "NAE compliant" by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). If at any time these producers lose their certification, they are removed from the Pollo Tropical supply chain network. The brand will also work closely with each supplier to ensure that the NAE qualifications are upheld.

"NAE chicken is a major commitment to our guests," said Stockinger. "We will be talking to them, as well as our soon-to-be new customers, about this exciting news through all forms of advertising, social media and in-store communication."

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