Learn How Mass Flow Controllers Provide Precise Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Injection

Precise mass flow control of CO2 is critical to produce high quality beverages or brews. It is pivotal that beverage manufacturers have the ability to control the exact amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) being injected into their beverages during the bottling process. Mass flow controllers (MFCs) are used to regulate and control the amount of CO2 injected into the bottles during filling and capping to assure uniformity of the product. However, all MFCs are not the same. Discover why direct mass flow- not volumetric flow is best suited for gas flow control CO2 injection process in our new application tech note.

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InnovaMass iSeries 240i INLINE 241i INSERTION with Probe Retractor (easily adjusts up and down with standard drill) 5 Harris Court, Building L, Monterey, CA 93940, USA / 800.866.0200 / 831.373.0200 / fax 831.373.4402 / sierrainstruments.com InnovaMass. Reinvented. In 1997, Sierra was the first to introduce a combination volumetric vortex and multi- variable mass flow meter. Today, Sierra’s completely redesigned InnovaMass® iSeries™ 240i/241i builds on two decades of success measuring five process variables for gas, liquid and steam with one connection. Now, with the latest hyper-fast microprocessors, robust software applications, field diagnostic and adjustment capability, and a new state-of-the-art flow calibration facility, Sierra’s vortex iSeries delivers precision, performance, and application flexibility never before possible. It has Apps! Experience innovative flow energy management tools driven by our new Raptor II OS that will empower your process and save you time and money ● FloPro™ vastly improves low flow measurement calculation ● Dial-A-Pipe™ allows you to quickly change pipe sizes in the field ● Dial-A-Fluid™ measures a variety of fluids whenever you choose ● qMix™ makes/measures custom gas mixtures ● Many more apps to come Field Independence With Sierra’s advanced Smart Interface Portal (SIP), tap into your InnovaMass and bring up a variety of powerful software interfaces to enhance your meter’s performance. ● Meter Tuning™ cancels environmental noise, greatly improving accuracy ● ValidCal™ Diagnostics closely monitors meter performance and validates output ● Make fast firmware upgrades in the field ● Expect a mobile app for your cell phone in 2016 World-Class Flow Calibration Facility Every flow meter is only as good as its calibration. Each InnovaMass is calibrated by Sierra’s new calibration facility in Monterey, California, to assure the best possible performance. Flow standards with accuracies better than 0.2% of reading are used to assure the highest accuracy possible. Next Day Shipping Go to Sierra’s online store to custom configure and buy InnovaMass. We stock select models for next day shipment. Sierra is the only company in the industry where you can buy vortex meters factory direct. Visit sierrainstruments.com/shop Learn More See the back of this data sheet for technical details or visit sierrainstruments.com for more information on the Innovamass iSeries. (InnovaMass specs on back) Application Tech Notes Brewery/Bev rage Processes Mass Flow Controllers Provide Precise Carbon Di xide (CO2) Injection In beverage production process, precise mass fl ow control of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a crucial part of creating high quality brews and beverages. It is pivotal that beverage manufacturers have the ability control the exact amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) being injected into their beverages during the bottling process. Mass fl ow controllers (MFCs) are used to regulate and control the amount of CO2 injected into the bottles during fi lling and capping to assure uniformity of the product (See Figure 1). Too much CO2 in the beverage will result in an overly carbonated beverage, and could possibly break bottles causing a plant safety issue and loss of product. While an inadequate CO2 injection will cause the beverage to be “fl at”. In either situation, the batch would need to be tossed out resulting in a loss of product which costs the company countless dollars in revenue and ultimately hurts profi t margins. Many companies use volumetric fl ow and di erential pressure for gas fl ow control for their CO2 injection process. However, volumetric fl owmeters are not suitable for this application because of the widely varying mass fl ow requirements encountered in start-up and low production periods. Direct mass fl ow with thermal mass fl ow controllers like the MaxTrak 180, part of the SmartTrak family, provides smooth, stable, accurate, and repeatable CO2 gas mass fl ow control you can rely on, every time. In essence, counting and controlling every gas molecule fl owing through the instrument to achieve unmatched precision. Una ected by upstream gas temperature and pressure fl uctu tions, gas mass fl ow control is direct and unequivocal. MaxTrak meets industrial MFC requirem nts with NEMA 6 & IP7 ratings and provides the robust, smooth mass fl ow control required for the brew and b verage process industry. Figure 2: MaxTrak™ 180 Mass Flow Controller for CO2 injection for beverage industry • High accuracy: +/- 0.5% of reading • Accuracy: +/- 1% of reading • Repeatability: +/- 0.2% of full scale • Meet industrial MFC requirements with NEMA 6 & IP67 ratings • Increase effi ciency with true, digital high-performance • Make adjustments in the fi eld for time savings • Confi gure up to 10 gasses with one instrument Learn More at: sierrainstruments.com/co2injection Figure 1: CO 2 Injection for Beverage Industry