Your Favorite Super Bowl Snack Might Be A No-Show

An avocado shortage could dampen your Super Bowl party.

For those football fans out there who had good teams to follow this season, looking ahead to the Super Bowl is probably exciting. But if your team’s season was an active dumpster fire like mine, all you really have to look forward to on February 3rd is the food. I mean… when the Green Bay Packers get you down, at least there is always guacamole, right?

Or maybe not…

It’s been widely reported that Mexico is in the midst of a severe gasoline shortage, as the country attempts to foil those responsible for rampant gas theft that’s been a drain on the economy.

Changing their distribution methods has massive shortages in many regions, including Michoacan, where farmers typically ship 120,000 tons of avocados to America in the three weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

According to Ramon Paz, a spokesman for the Association of Avocado Producers and Export Packers of Mexico, the three weeks prior to the big game represent their most important weeks of the year, and they have only until January 25th to ship their full volume of products before it’s too late. He expected 1,200 truckloads per week to head North starting Monday, but warned that “significant losses may occur” if there are any fuel-related delays encountered. is recommending a viable alternative, Super Bowl fans, and it’s not only a matter of preference but, also, availability: Queso. Besides being delicious, queso is benefiting from a record high cheese surplus. That’s right, there’s an extra 1.4 billion pounds of American-produced cheese just hanging around right now so… you’d be better get eating.