Outpouring of Support for Better Tasting Beer

Recognizing National Drink Beer Day by examining a product that exceeded crowdfunding goals by $300k in its quest to make beer taste even better.

Not that I really need a specific reason to talk about beer, but seeing as how today has been identified by the good folks at Budweiser as National Drink Beer Day – there’s probably never been a more appropriate time to examine new developments with a product that proposes to make any lager, IPA, pilsner, brown ale, stout or porter even more wonderful to consume.

Last year the folks at Fizzics rolled out their Waytap, a unique, portable device that can be used to enhance the flavor of any beer contained within a can or bottle between 12 and 25 ounces.

Using their patented Micro-Foam technology, once the beer container is placed within the draft tube, sound waves are used to transform the beer’s natural carbonation into dense, compact, and uniform bubbles that enrich the aroma, flavor, and taste of your beer of choice.

This is done by a design that pressurizes and pushes the beer down the bottle and through the draft tube before dispensing through the tap, as opposed to sucking the beer from the container.

According to Fizzics, this ensures a controlled rate of pour that minimizes foam creation during the pour, and maintains the level of carbonation in the body of the beer. With a hand pour, the foam quality is not as rich and disintegrates quickly, robbing the drinker of the beer’s full body and aroma.

The Waytap weighs three pounds, does not require CO2 or nitrogen cartridges and is powered by 4 standard AA batteries that can provide enough power for 300 12-ounce pours.

After launching Waytap via Kickstarter last year, Fizzics returned to the site in an effort to enhance their second generation with improved portability and a better overall product design. Part of this process was working with industrial design firm Frog to create a look described as minimalistic but bold.

The new design seems to be paying off, as Fizzics has already exceeded their $50,000 crowdfunding goal by more than $300,000. The Waytap is actually available from a host of retailers or it can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter for $130 in either black or white.